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Game Tonight (08/08/10, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that tonight (Sunday) is game night.

I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.

In the last session, the party allowed their former captive, the kopru known as Needle, to serve as their guide as they explored the outskirts of the Sinking Isle, gathered triton conchs amidst ruins obscured by sea star brambles, and swam to the ruins of a tower.

The shell-shaped tower, called “The Skimmer” by Needle, served as a prison for the being known as Grandmother Claw. As the party approached, a peculiar tone emanated from within the tower, where a circular entrance was secured by a musical trap. A shell-shaped dagger forged of orichalcum nearly impaled Sakura, as she investigated the entrance.

Deciphering the musical lock, the party sent the amphisbaena eel Jur to investigate the tower’s interior. Within its lowest chamber, the two-headed eel encountered a crawling mass of hermit crabs, which rose upward in humanoid form and spoke. Those amongst the party who were sensitive to the presence of hags found the swarm of crabs to be disturbing.

"I am Paguristes Cadenati. But you may call me Guri." she announced.

This Week’s Bizarre Beastie is the Triton Shell: wiki , ceremonial pu shell
, sound (MP3)

Location of the Sinking Isle: I have discovered that the Sinking Isle is much closer to shore than I previously imagined. "It is also said that the rise of the Sinking Isle is most likely in storms or fog. At such times coastal traders and pirates, who normally seek the protected inner passage between Asperd Isle and the Solnor’s unpredictable waves, either go the long way round or stay aport." (Greyhawk Adventures) Dungeon , 1e-style map , 3e map

d20 SRD Wondrous Item: Horn of the Tritons

Unusual Pearls: conch , abalone , and more

NatGeo: Dragonfish, Fireworm, More Found by Sea Surveys

Discovery: Sixgill Sharks

Video: Lynx Nudibranch

DDO Update 6: “Into the Deep” is an update to DDO that will include underwater combat. Mind you, it’s set in Eberron and requires Windows to play, but it’s a start.

Bryce 7: 3D landscaping/modeling/animating tool Bryce has been updated to Bryce 7 . For a limited time, the program is on sale for $15 for the regular edition and $50 for the Pro edition. There is also a free Personal Learning Edition available for download. I used Bryce (and Poser) to make the image of the tentacle-tailed mermaid, here.

Undersea Adventures: Comments, Concerns, & Concepts: I posted similar threads at EN World, RPG.net, wizards.com, Giants in the Playground, Penandpapergames, and Canonfire to gauge interest in undersea adventures and to mine for ideas. Some threads have 2-3 pages of replies, now.

GHWiki Gem of the Week: Sekolah – “Sekolah is a powerful devil and the primary deity worshipped by the sahuagin race. His sacred animal is the shark. His holy symbol is a white shark or a dorsal fin rising from the water… Sekolah’s priests, who are all female, wear gray-white colors. Their favored weapon is the trident… The Jaws of Sekolah: This order of sahuagin blackguards spreads terror throughout the seas in the name of their patron Sekolah. The Jaws of Sekolah were once led by the legendary cleric known only as the Red One… Long, long ago, when the oceans were empty of sapient life, Sekolah hunted the primal leviathans of the deep. After one particularly successful hunt, the god sang a song of victory, a haunting melody that echoed in the deep oceanic trench. For the first time, voices answered him, sounding out from the void of the watery abyss. Intrigued, Sekolah continued his song, and slowly a great shell rose from the darkness. The shell opened to reveal the first sahuagin, who swam around the One who had called them, singing in harmony with Sekolah’s triumphant aria.”
More at: http://www.canonfire.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sekolah

I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders SHOUTcast Server: http://radio.otherworlders.org:8000/

If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.

Be SEAing you!



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