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Game Tonight (12/19/10, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that tonight (Sunday) is game night.

I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.

5,525 EXPERIENCE POINTS HAVE BEEN AWARDED! The current level of XP, for those who have been with the game since the beginning is now 27,000 + 5,525 = 32,525. As I am overdue with awarding XP, I have already begun the tabulations for the next time XP is granted.

In the last session (12/12) the party gathered in a sheltered nook near a shallow blackwater trench near the center of the Sinking Isle. There they received news from the mechanatrix Jaenan, in the form of a silver cog etched with runes and enveloped in magic. "The Grail has been prepared…." the cog sang as it sliced through the water.

The locathah Canthus chose his moment to reveal what h had learned of the bloodwraiths’ interest in the solitary crypt. With the help of the bloodwraith trapped upon his magical canvas, he had found a ball of seaweed that was both warm and held a heartbeat.

A decision was made, to travel to the Chamber of Dissolution on the eastern edge of the isle. Along the journey, they spied a nest of octopuses, a field of strange statues fashioned of sea glass, and a kopru lying face down on the sands below. In the distance, the party spied the remains of a cylindrical tower. Upon the remains of its worn and weathered walls stood six animate skeletons, each seeming to throw bones into the open interior of the tower.

This Week’s Bizarre Beastie is the Chiton: Wiki

Snails: Bioluminescent , Bone-Eating

“The sea spits up what it can’t keep down.”: Ancient Roman Statue Uncovered in Israel

I Had to Pass This On: Drunk Man Kills Shark by Jumping on Its Head

A very cool ring I may have to use, some day: Etsy

The Seas of…Pluto?: NatGeo

New Undersea Supplement: Alluria Publishing has released Cerulean Seas in PDF format for the Pathfinder RPG. SAMPLE ($29, $41 print copy to follow). No, the game is not switching to the Pathfinder ruleset anytime soon… calm down! (free Pathfinder Conversion Guide, for the curious)

Undersea Minis: Since we are looking at products, Eastern Front Studios has a line of aquatic-themed metal miniatures

Living Greyhawk Mysterious Places – The Jungle of Lost Ships: “Reputed to lie many hundreds of leagues eastward, hidden somewhere within the trackless waters of the Solnor Ocean, this maritime graveyard is said to have ensnared many vessels…. Covering several square miles, the Jungle of Lost Ships is little more than a floating reef. Colloquially, it is named the "weed-sea." The weed-sea is an incredibly-dense patch of seaweed and ocean-borne debris…. Sahuagin, lizardmen, kelpies and kopoacinth have all been encountered here, as have a race of barbaric, half-mad humans thought to be survivors of ancient shipwrecks. The reef is also teaming with unintelligent life. Squids, octopus, sea-water crocodiles, sharks, barracudas, sea snakes and other vicious predators all cruise the waters below and around the weed-sea. Life also abounds on the reef itself. Birds, crustaceans, eels and weird and exotic plant life all thrive here… Many of the derelict vessels are little more than rotting hulks. Others seem to have survived more or less intact. Chief amongst these are warships belonging to the Legendary Lost Treasure Fleet of the Sea Prince… One such vessel is reputed to be crafted entirely of metal and contains charts of unknown waters.”
More at: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=lg/lgmp/20050118a

Undersea Adventures: Comments, Concerns, & Concepts: I posted similar threads at EN World, RPG.net, wizards.com, Giants in the Playground, Penandpapergames, and Canonfire to gauge interest in undersea adventures and to mine for ideas. Some threads have 2-3 pages of replies, now.

I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders SHOUTcast Server: http://radio.otherworlders.org:8000/

If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.

Be SEAing you!



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