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Game Tonight (02/06/11, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that tonight (Sunday) is game night.

I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.

5,525 EXPERIENCE POINTS HAVE BEEN AWARDED! The current level of XP, for those who have been with the game since the beginning is now 27,000 + 5,525 = 32,525. As I am overdue with awarding XP, I have already begun the tabulations for the next time XP is granted.

In the last session (01/30), the party reflected upon the experience within the first of three towers. The three towers, reduced by the whims of time and tides to silt-encrusted ruins, were clustered together like giant barnacle shells.The sea elf Sakura had been the first to spy luminescent skeletal fish, glowing with hues of purple and blue, darting above the waters within the smallest tower. The waters near the archway of the largest tower, decorated with the stone likeness of a blue bottle jellyfish, seemed unnaturally cold.

"Oo’zlozz mentioned this being the sea star tower,” the unliving shrunken shellycoat head Meir pondered, as she examined the central tower “Yet it was designated with a lobster on the stone keystone in the archway. The statue of Blibdoolpoolp seemed to verify this."

The amorphous ooze slowly enveloped the remains of the statue of stone, until it resembled a humanoid female encrusted with sea stars.

"I’d wager than nothing bearing the likeness of a lobster belongs here." the shellycoat’s mother replied. Xaetra had been introspective, of late, perhaps due in part to the nature of her displaced spirit which clung to the construct of ambergris she now inhabited, or perhaps due to the added responsibility she now felt, having given birth to a new soul which followed her from the region of dreams. Jariah had been born a disembodied soul, but she quickly bonded with a massive pearl given to the party by the mad shellycoat known as Aiptasia.

Aiptasia and the sea hag fleshwarper Purl now kept company with the tentacle-tailed mermaids of the Grasp, who claimed the ruins of a spiky and highly decorated citadel as their lair. The enclave of witches each wore a tentacle of the the kraken Mikrokosmus, in place of her tail. Together, they shared the kraken’s memories and powers. Yet this bond also served to banish the ghostly kraken from the waters of the Sinking Isle.

Swimming cautiously towards the smallest tower, the party noted the remains of a spiral shelf encircling the interior wall and winding upwards like the interior of a triton shell. The stone shelf was lined with holes of varying sizes. Several clay amphora, each decorated with symbols of fish and riddled with small holes, were nested in the notches.

The anemoid priest known as Knot, a small luminous humanoid anemone, used its magical crystal shell to communicate with the party, explaining that the scent that lingered in the surrounding waters was familiar. The scent was that of garum, a sauce made of fermented fish.

Reiko found the glowing skeletal fish seemed attracted to the lids of the empty amphora, which littered the floor of the tower ruins, when the lids were moved from one place to another. The viletooth lizardman called Dorman discovered that, not only were certain fish attracted to certain lids, each seemed attracted to a specific amphora as well.

With great care and patience, the gray-scaled lizardman returned each of the displaced amphora to its rightful resting place. During his ordeal, he noted that the skeletal fish would swim within the amphora, when the appropriate lid was nearby.

This Week’s Bizarre Beastie is the Barnacle Blenny: liveaquaria I have probably mentioned them in the past, but I started thinking about how interesting a giant cluster of barnacle shells might be, if used as a communal shelter.

Sailfish and Bait Balls: DSN

Beware the Tree Octopus!: CNN Video

Ice Fishing: Drilling down to Lake Vostok, buried for 15 million years

“Extinct” Salmon Discovered: NatGeo The story, here, isn’t so much about salmon, but about “the head of a local fishing association sent an odd sample to a Japanese television personality who is obsessed with fish. Sakana-kun—a nickname meaning Mr. Fish—is best known for appearing on TV in his trademark white laboratory coat and blowfish-shaped hat.”

GHWiki Gem of the Week: Dagon: “Dagon is an obyrith demon lord, also called Prince of the Depths. As one of the oldest demon lords in existence, Dagon is said to possess vast and forbidden knowledge… He is allied with the evil archomental Olhydra, and the two may have spawned twin daughters. Despite being an isolationist, many demons, lords or otherwise, pay tribute to Dagon in the hopes of gaining information about the Abyss from him, as he is also revered throughout the Abyss as a great sage and oracle… Dagon is served by aquatic demons, especially wastriliths and the obyrith uzollrus. He is worshipped by aquatic races such as kraken, chuul, sea hags, water nagas, and kuo-toa.”
More at: http://www.canonfire.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dagon

Undersea Adventures: Comments, Concerns, & Concepts: I posted similar threads at EN World, RPG.net, wizards.com, Giants in the Playground, Penandpapergames, and Canonfire to gauge interest in undersea adventures and to mine for ideas. Some threads have 2-3 pages of replies, now.

I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders SHOUTcast Server: http://radio.otherworlders.org:8000/

If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.

Be SEAing you!



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