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Game Tonight (06/05/11, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that tonight (Sunday) is game night.

I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.

5,525 EXPERIENCE POINTS HAVE BEEN AWARDED! The current level of XP, for those who have been with the game since the beginning is now 27,000 + 5,525 = 32,525. As I am overdue with awarding XP, I have already begun the tabulations for the next time XP is granted.

In the last session (05/29/11), the party secured shelter within a natural cave illuminated by phosphorescent glass sponges and paused to reflect upon their recent displacement.

Their current roster included the oceanid NeeKaa, a simulacrum fashioned from blackwater who served as the party’s liaison to the arcane world of hags and their progeny. By her side was the amphisbaena eel which has bonded as her familiar. Joining her was the sea elf Sakura, practiced in the art of the ninja and possessor of items infused with blackwater. Sakura’s young ward Reiko swam silently nearby, still traumatized from her abduction at the hands of the fleshwarper known only as Purl and now coming to terms with her grafts from a water naga, seaholder, and giant squid, as well as hosting the ghostly visage known only as Shadow. By her side, the viletooth lizardman Dorman scratched at his own hag vestige, a living tattoo known as Echo, now joined with three smaller designs of a kraken, sea fan, and fey kiss.

Accompanying the party was Xaetra, once a night hag of great power who had been slain and imprisoned in the Region of Dreams as an ephemeral spirit hag. The party had traveled to Turucambi Reef, to recover a magical tome that would pluck her soul from the Dreamscape and place it within a magical receptacle known as the Lazarus. Whisked away in a mystic maelstrom, they arrived at the Sinking Isle, where they recovered the second volume of the Tome of Apotheosis and a book known as the Path of the Eidolon, which allowed them to place Xaetra’s soul within a construct fashioned of ambergris. Plucked from the seas by a second maelstrom, summoned by a sacrifice upon an ancient altar, the party hoped to locate the third tome which would restore Xaetra to life, so that she might defeat the three-faced blackwater hag Diadema by robbing her of the vital essence held within her central face. That face had once belonged to Xaetra, for her corpse had returned as an unliving deathlock before joining with the blood magus Tempest and salt hag Salkt, to form the blackwater hag herself.

In Xaetra’s arms was the newborn babe Jariah, born from the form of a massive pearl by the essence she had carried with her from the Region of Dreams.

By Xaetra’s side was her shellycoat daughter Meir, born of her union with the human called Zander. Meir was born a greenhag, had embraced the aquatic nature of the shellycoat, and had become an unliving tsantsa, a sentient shrunken head, upon her death. Meir was the guardian of Eyebite, a mysterious artifact fashioned from a hag’s tooth that granted her powers of prophesy.

The small humanoid anemone known as Knot was close at hand, riding atop a hermit crab steed and accompanied by his clownfish companion. A newcomer to their midst, the eel-man Gadus swam nearest to the party’s animal companions, a hatchling coral dragon and a half-dragon sea cat.

Silently sinking downward from the surface, known by seafolk as Synsaal, the Barrier Between Worlds, a bioluminescent orb descended. Attracted by the illuminated orb, three newcomers made their presence known. Noietorah the aventi, Phreb the ephyra, and Dark-Claw the sahuagin found themselves inexplicably attracted to the light. Within the orb, the slain body of a drylander was found, wrapped in phosphorescent golden seaweed adorned with intricately-etched snail shells and scallop shells. Numerous items accompanied the corpse; wooden carvings, instruments made with seeds and nuts, and a scrap of parchment illustrating a family tree.

Afraid that his absence might be seen as suspicious, the lycanthropic lizardman known as Rikas announced his intention to return to his people. As Xaetra procured a gift in the form of a lobster of azure hue from her magical apothecary, Dark-Claw noted a dimly-lit pattern shifting in the darkness of the cave. Upon closer examination, the illumination was found to emanate from a school of candlefish, foot-long ebony fish with glowing glands beneath their eyes.

Without warning Eyebite awakened, granting Meir a vision.

“The Grasp has the weapon of Oerthblood. The hag Purl is dead.” she murmured “The Isle remains upon the surface.”

Noting a familiar pattern in the sands below, Gadus began to dig methodically with his pincers. In addition to several sizable stone crabs, the anguillian unearthed an item of gold. The ornate golden frame seemed suitable for holding a portrait or mirror, but held only a single shard of glass in one corner. NeeKaa noted a peculiar design, a portion of a face showing a single eye, within the shard of glass.

Having overheard the party discussing Meir’s revelation that the fleshwarper Purl was now dead, the triple-bladed dagger cautiously spoke, revealing itself to the party.

“All that Purl knew, I have learned.” the dagger began “I am Triptych. I know the ways of the fleshwarper. I would gladly undo all that Purl has done. But I need a proper instrument, a steady hand that once knew Purl, to guide me.”

As if vying for attention, a voice within the mirrored shard spoke. Sharing the shard of riverine, blackwater trapped within magical force, Sakura’s father had been imprisoned for years.

“Some mirrors are ensorcelled to capture the soul. I found myself thusly ensnared. Yet, after a time, I encountered ‘Me’. She helped me to project my reflection outward. But the cost was great.”

“Now all that remains is the joining of the Dreamer’s Journals and Tomes of Apotheosis.” Xaetra reflected upon the tasks to come “Recall that the first tome needed the Lazarus. The second required another book, the Path of the Eidolon. What shall the third require?”

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I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders SHOUTcast Server: http://radio.otherworlders.org:8000/

If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.

Be SEAing you!



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