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Game Night (02/26/12, 9pm Eastern)

Game Night (02/26/12, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that Sunday is game night.


I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.


The current level of XP, for those who have been with the game since the beginning is now 32,525 + 12,485 = 45,010


In last week’s session (02/19/12) the party awakened from their shared visions within the Tidepool, a communal dreamscape created by the night hag Xaetra. The pocket dimension, nestled within the Region of Dreams, was once a sprawling expanse known as the Sea of Dreams. When the spectral hag was weakened by the minions of the abyssal hag Syliah, Xaetra transformed into a spirit hag. The Sea of Dreams all but vanished. The smaller body of water was known as Dream Lake. When Xaetra was plucked from the dreamscape, Dream Lake grew smaller still, becoming the diminutive Tidepool, an octopus-shaped puddle of saltwater in which the dreamers assumed the roles of tiny sea creatures.


As first light shone atop Synsaal, the Barrier Between Worlds, colorful fish darted cautiously through the shallow cove afforded within the partially-submerged zaratan shell. Sakura’s father greeted his daughter and her young ward, bearing gifts in the form of foodstuff’s harvested from D’naeli’s Stairwell.


Admittedly, he was fascinated with the magical stairwell accessed through Xaetra’s Apothecary. The lower reaches of the stairwell were submerged in temperate saltwater and lit with stones which shone with azure light. Within the waters were numerous sea creatures; fish, crabs, corals, clams and more, all held in magical stasis. The upper reaches, beyond a barrier of glistening blue slime, were filled with air. Here was Xaetra’s root cellar, lit with golden light from magical grout between the stones. Dozens of different fruits, vegetables, trees, herbs, and flowers were found in abundance here, divided by a small brook which cascaded down the center of the stairs.


The stairwell was guarded by a single caretaker, the living scarab known as Glaucus. Having once served as the protective amulet of the demoness Anasta, Glaucus had been given new life by Xaetra. Now charged with keeping D’naeli’s Stairwell in good repair, Glaucus had an agenda of his own. From a single drop of blood, he had regrown Anasta as one might grow a sapling from a seed, creating a magical simulacrum. The soulless body of Anasta, daughter of the succubus Ariss and granddaughter to Xaetra herself, rested behind a secret door.


Delighted to see the bounty brought by her father, Sakura was nevertheless disturbed by movement in the waters beyond. Writhing and convulsing while clumsily swimming, the hagshead eel was in distress. The undead snake-like creature, comprised of one hundred shrunken heads magically grafted to one another, was led by the tsantsa Meir, once a shellycoat of great renown and the daughter of Xaetra by her union with a human.


Her eyes no longer aglow with amber light, the tsantsa previously injured by the triton Current was unresponsive.


“The Ninety and Nine, once more. The Omen of Euphony against the Olio undone.” the remaining hags whispered. Their voices were joined by a muffled sound emanating from within Dorman’s sack, now in NeeKaa’s possession.


“Slave to the storm hags!” the creature spoke with all of its voices, when the head of Lusca the Bloodless was revealed “The hundredth head must be cleansed!”


NeeKaa swiftly punctured the shrunken head’s third eye, revealing the pearl-like orb to be an actual eye transformed by hags’ magic. Having retrieved the lavender pearl from the region of dreams, NeeKaa used it to stopper the hole upon Lusca’s brow. Acting quickly, she plucked the unmoving tsantsa from the body of the hagshead eel and replaced it with that of Lusca.


Unable to assist NeeKaa, the jellyfish-merman Phreb instead turned his attention to the zebra shark, which had been feasting nearby upon hapless damselfish. Thrashing wildly, the shark rubbed its skin against the
sandy bottom of the zaratan cove. As he watched, the shark grew still. Swimming closer, Phreb was astonished to discover the shark had been seemingly torn in twain.

Floating in the waters nearest the shark dozens of damselfish, now reduced to skeletal remains, were seen.


“Burns!” Knot screamed, its voice translated by the crystal shell carried in its tendrils “Burns!”


Phreb saw one of the anemoid’s tentacles has been dissolved away by forces unseen, though he then sensed something unseen darting past in the water. The waters now burned as if acid.


In the amber-hued illumination cast by the rejuvenated hagshead eel, Phreb saw what appeared to be hundreds of small fish swimming in formation. Upon closer examination, the fish appeared to be transparent globules of water. Aware of their exposure, the globs formed into a single form, that of a humanoid female.


“I am Karidina.” the watery form slowly spoke to Phreb “Speak your name, ephyra.”


When he replied, the watery figure moved effortlessly forward.


“We watch you, my sisters and I.” she spoke with a shrill yet watery voice “We have watched you from the start. You will not win this, you know. She is too strong.


I am honor bound to my sisters, who wait above in Cloudsea. Though they do not swim the seas as I do, together we are duty bound to Diadema.


My sister of stormfire is blinded, with the talisman destroyed. They cannot see us, now. Diadema seeks to awaken the Maelstroms, sending the seas cascading through a magical vortex.


We hold the Leviathan hydrimera in the stolen sea. The cloud pearl will be ours, for our services. It is merely business, you see. But I have said enough.”


The firewater hag coughed, as she dissolved into the hivemind of acidic droplets. In an instant, she was gone.


This Week’s Bizarre Beastie is the Basket Star: article , video


Pufferfish Chases Laser: video


SciQuarium: The Natural Science Center of Greensboro (NSC) recently posted a job listing for the Carolina Sciquarium. While I lack the specified qualifications for curator (I lack experience with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums), the listing nevertheless mentioned “this position will help hire and oversee a small but dedicated SciQ team consisting of full and part-time aquarists/keepers” which piqued my interest. It mentioned that the NSC hosts a portion of a Zoo and Aquarium Science Technology Program (course description) , which is held at Davidson Community College. I have been jotting down what qualifications I do have and what I could bring to the SciQuarium. I have yet to decide what to do with the information, but it has been interesting nevertheless.


Google Reef?: article 


Sea Salp, now in 3D: NatGeo


Curious Whale Shark: video


Undersea Adventures: Comments, Concerns, & Concepts: I posted similar threads at EN WorldRPG.netwizards.comGiants in the PlaygroundPenandpapergames, and Canonfire to gauge interest in undersea adventures and to mine for ideas. Some threads have 2-3 pages of replies, now.


I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders ICEcast Server:  Listen


If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.


Be SEAing you!


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