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Game Night (10/02/11, 9pm Eastern)

Game Night (10/02/11, 9pm Eastern)

Don’t forget that tonight (Sunday) is game night.


I still need character descriptions, for use on the Roster page, from some of you.


12,485 EXPERIENCE POINTS HAVE BEEN AWARDED! The current level of XP, for those who have been with the game since the beginning is now 32,525 + 12,485 = 45,010


In the last session (10/02/11) the party used the gifts of the fairy circle, to transform their appearances into those of golden jellyfish. NeeKaa held the golden pearl, awakening the melodious droning held within.


Swimming nearby, Noi observed a small spotted cowry shell. The tiny snail had eaten a minuscule hole through the gargantuan purple sea fan. As he watched, the seine began to heal itself, closing the wound with ease.


The hypnotic droning of the pearl caused the jellyfish to lose interest with those on the other side of the living barrier. Taking advantage of the lull in activity, the amphisbaena eel breathed a cloud of phosphyre on the seine, instantly dissolving a hole large enough for a small form to pass through.


Within the waters protected by the seine, golden jellyfish swarmed by the thousands. The party easily discerned the difference between jellies which floated freely, and those which seemed to follow a pattern, an arcing dance circling towards the surface.


As the party neared the surface of Synsaal, the Barrier Between Worlds, they took careful note of the Weed-Sea looming above. Though the slowly-spiraling mat of seaweed was several miles in diameter, several patches of clear water could be seen dotting the mat of vegetation. Drifting down into the depths, roots from mangrove and other trees filled the waters like vines.


Phreb was the first to spy the remains of what appeared to be a sailing ship made of metal, though the rusted hull bore neither oars nor mast. What appeared to be the bow of the vessel was submerged, piercing through the Jungle of Lost Ships into the Solnor Ocean below. Beside what appeared to be an open circular hatch, Phreb saw what appeared to be a statue.


Feminine in shape, the statue appeared to be that of a woman dressed in a flowing robe, now overgrown with coral.  Without warning, the statue reached out, snatched a golden jellyfish, held it to her mouth, and appeared to eat it. As the party watched, the statue-woman turned to face the open hatch and began to sing. The melody was simple and the music uncannily crisp in the ocean waters.


In the darkness beyond the hatch, something moved.


The coral-woman quickly discerned that those wearing the guise of golden jellyfish were more than they appeared. She riddled the party, asking for the name of the twice-named ship. When their answer satisfied her, she told them that her song contained something within the ship – something that only sought to slay.


“My song may slow those within.” she added, quietly “I ask only for recompense. I seek a flying fish, lost to me long ago.”


This Week’s Bizarre Beastie is the Conchfish:  link


International Cephalopod Awareness Days: October 8 – 12


Shark Siblingicide: Sandtiger sharks eat their siblings in the womb


Glowing Tides, Part 2:  Phosphyre?


Life in the Dead Sea:  NatGeo 


Origin of the Morkoth: Musings over at Canonfire


Finally!: Aquaria comes to the iPad


Undersea Adventures: Comments, Concerns, & Concepts: I posted similar threads at EN WorldRPG.netwizards.comGiants in the PlaygroundPenandpapergames, and Canonfire to gauge interest in undersea adventures and to mine for ideas. Some threads have 2-3 pages of replies, now.


I’ll be playing a few tunes at the OtherWorlders ICEcast Server:  Listen


If you have lost interest in the game or no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, please let me know.


Be SEAing you!


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